Baby steps towards bigger dreams.

I will not shy for a moment if you call me dreamy or filmy. Since my realization of happiness, I have always found imperfect fairy tales perfectly loaded with love and creativity having an expression of art. I knew how my friends failed to contemplate my version of happiness which is stored in small things. Staring at the stars, hiding favorite cookies in the kitchen jar, and writing down the list of my dreams I knew I was born to pursue.  Of course, I do not have a date to pen down the beginning of my Hasuna+Haseena’s journey because bits of H+H was everywhere only waiting for me to be discovered.

Living with a legacy

Out of the million things that I am thankful for Lord, being born in the house of self-made artists has been a privilege to me. Stepping into fashion industry did not knock on my door in the blink of an eye. Today, when I look back I am able to recognize whose footsteps I am following with my own vigor and style.

Alike me, if you can also relate your journey with someone as close as your mother, trust me we are already friends. Infinite unique stories can be played on a loop over and over again and we will still have our night owls all energetic.

Who needs coffee when you can trace down creativity and bundle of ideas from your mother and her mother in times where beauty was rare and pure.

You will find it funny but I am an old romantic soul at heart. If I could, I would coin down the phrases of my grandmother, freeze the moments of her rising when she inspired me to follow my dreams even if they are as delicate as a thin lacey flower.

Luckily, I preserved the sand of her homeland like a priceless décor and managed to write down some of her ideas that motivated me to be the torchbearer. Growing up with such powerful women has attracted me towards light.

A step closer to my dream

Do you also love to see how the clouds unfold into beautiful patterns? Or how two colors blend together giving birth to a totally adorable pattern? I remember spending my summer afternoons and never getting tired of drawing new patterns and designs.

Color play and scribbling soon turned into designing my ideas and shaping my creativity. When my mother saw it, she was surprised to see how fast my thoughts were growing. I was drawing dresses, sketching new clothing, and accessorizing them with new ideas.

My mother believed in me. I believed in her and promised myself to never look back.

What is the right time?

Every day, I wake up with a grateful heart for meeting my love of life at the right time. I graduated from the fashion school at the right time. I began compiling my dreams from papers to realities at the right time. But if you ask of there is a right time to dream also, I will definitely ask you to ask your heart.

Today, my heart and mind is the home to my two lovely kids, Hasan and Zahra. Their faces are more beautiful than their names and with God’s grace I never get tired with them. HasunaHaseena has been their gift to me and I am all set to take it to every height possible.

I started H+H with my high school love and everyday is a celebration because we put in so much love. Together, we are not only designing clothes and accessories for kids like ours, we are pushing our limits to do better.

I keep revisiting my day when I completed my first kurta for Hasan. We remember his soft giggles all over our place that made our tummies full with contentment.  Although it was Eid and table was filled with desserts, Lol.    

I started journaling to keep a track of my ideas. Managing sleep and work with two infants and three cats failed to drain me. And I continued with my grandmother’s coined ideas, mother’s support and my husband’s love.

H+H is growing and we are so much excited to share with you what is coming next. Our treasure trove is ready to be unboxed.

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