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Learn the story behind the hand stamping process and how a single fabric is printed. We want you to experience how traditional block printing is done to this day and to learn the extensive process behind each intricately produced print. Appreciate the dying art of these skilled artisans. You will be able to mix primary colors into any beautiful color you choose, and be able to create an array of patterns and designs by mixing and matching multiple block stamps, finally you can heat set the paint on the fabric for permanency.
DIY Kit Includes:
• 4 hand carved wooden stamps
• 3 fabric paints
• 1 tote bag -OR- 1 zipper pouch
• 1 fabric square
• 1 note card
• Paint tray
• Foam mat
• 3 sponge dabbers Instruction sheet Educational integration for kids (S.T.E.A.M.): color mixing (Science), patterns (Math), Creativity (Art), and fine motor skills In addition to being able to stamp the provided tote bag and/or pencil pouch, here are some examples of how our diy kit can also be used:
• Making Art prints
• Greeting cards
• Stamping your own garments (scarves, t-shirts, etc)
• Cookie stamps
• Gift Wrap
• Stamping clay pottery

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