Meet Hasuna+Haseena Founders 
Hello. We are Sabah and Yusuf, the confidants and owner of H+H. Having faith in God and the passion to fill the market gap, we together have crafted a new vision for ethnic clothing. Getting married to your first love was the beginning of our dreams turning into reality. Since the age of 14, we have shared evening walks, ice creams, conversations, and dreams. Today, nurturing our lives together with love and support, H+H came to us in a surprising but a very heart-warming way. We were disheartened at not finding any comfortable ethnic clothes for our own children. I still remember my child’s grumpy look when he was dressed up in an oversized kurta with a starry yet starchy fabric. I hope he forgives us for that day (funny but we had no other choice then). Today, we are grateful for that grumpy look because it inspired us to build our own brand and bring back the lost eastern culture to western society. 
Life events are surprisingly beautiful and no diary or log can keep a track of it (trust me, I have tried to stay ahead but God’s plans unravel at the right time). Giving birth to our first son, Hasan, we grew into sensitive parents like every other who just wish the best for their children. Without even knowing, we started to play around the name Haseena to and in a girls line in the future. When I was pregnant with my other baby, our teenage love conversations were back in the air. God surprised us with a baby girl and our family was complete with a Hasuna and a Haseena. Hasuna is a play on our son’s name, Hasan, both meaning ‘handsome’ in Arabic. Haseena means beautiful and is dedicated to our daughter. Handsome + Beautiful, inspired by our children. More than a name, it is our story of love and will power. Compassionate and astute, we embraced the opportunity with open arms to ignite a new clothing lifestyle for kids. And Voila! Hasuna+Haseena magic is in the hands of happy customers today. 
Meet Sabah Yusuf
At an early age of 13, I held my first pair of scissors because I wanted to design something new. Fascinated by the beautiful blending of colors, patterns, and designs, I imagined my journey ahead as a designer. Sooner, I was crafting my ideas into beautiful clothing art pieces that were fashionable and elegant. Slowly getting closer to my dream, I pursued a degree in fashion design in Los Angeles that was a rollercoaster ride of learning and experiments.
I always had a soft corner for India since my childhood. My love for India is deep-rooted which built my connectivity with Indian culture and its people. Be it food, language, movies, monuments, my trips to India were always preplanned with a profound itinerary. From the serenity of Taj Mahal to the hustle bustle of New Delhi alleys, I love every bit of India. I even had a destination wedding in India to an Indian with whom I have been building the Hasuna+Haseena magic. 
For my son's first Eid I couldn't find anything that I wanted him to wear. Everything that I found was stiff, constricting, itchy, and heavily embroidered. I decided to make an outfit myself which turned out great and friends and family loved. After telling my family about this situation, my mother-in-law made  some cute comfortable kurtas that I absolutely fell in love with. I realized I couldn't be the only one with this problem. So with my husband by my side, I launched Hasuna+Haseena. Today, I am a proud mother of two who wishes to lead a new way of ethnic clothing comfort for toddlers and kids.